Mountainview members offer a variety of consulting and training services, including assistance with health care health care system transformation. We provide training to support integration of behavioral health services into primary care, including core competency training. Additionally, we provide stand-alone workshops on topics such as Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (fACT), chronic pain, and chronic disease management. We have seven members, and they provide web-based, off-site and on-site services.

Consulting and Technical Assistance

Patricia Robinson, Mt View Consulting

We provide a variety of consulting services, including assisting health care systems with transformation to the Patient Centered Medical Home by integrating behavioral health services. In this area of consultation, we provide the following services.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of programmatic activities, including training needs, communication factors, system and clinic factors, program evaluation activities and population impact
  • Development of procedural and policy manual to guide program development and evaluation
  • Development of targets to maximize optimal impact of providing behavioral health services in the Patient Centered Medical Home
  • On-going evaluation of progress, including identification of barriers and coaching on strategies to address barriers successfully

Our consulting services may also be tailored to the needs of clients other than health care systems. For example, we are currently developing patient and provider education and management materials on chronic pain and addiction problems with a large coordinated care organization.


Dr. Patti Robinson Mountainview Consulting

We provide small and large group trainings, as well as one-to-one on-the-job training for behavioral health providers, primary care clinicians, and nurses.

Our training programs include the following:

  • Core competency training for behavioral health providers preparing to work in primary care
  • Core competency training for primary care clinicians and nurses preparing to work in the Primary Care Behavioral Health model
  • Core competency training for Primary Care Behavioral Health mentors (needed to assure system sustainability of PCBH services)
  • On-the-job small group training for providers seeking to implement Focused Acceptance and Commitment protocols in primary care, specialty care and hospital settings
  • On-going support through e-mail and phone contacts
  • Training to enhance health care provider resiliency (“Spirited Primary Care” training package)
  • Training for community health workers and case managers in innovative strategies for engaging vulnerable patients, including those with multiple chronic diseases and those struggling with chronic pain and addiction


Mountain View Consulting Boot Camp 2014

We offer a variety of workshops and adjust them to the time and audience, as need be. The following list exemplifies our workshop training areas.

Behavioral Health Integration

  • Workshops for administrators, primary care clinicians, and behavioral health providers.
  • Introductory workshops and more advanced workshops that prepare participants to development PCBH pathways to improve targets with high impact patient groups.
  • All workshops support implementation of the Patient Centered Medical Home.

Focused Acceptance and Commitment (fACT)

  • 1-, 2-, and 3-day workshops designed to teach participants to use mindfulness and value-based behavior change techniques in settings that require brief interventions.
  • Workshops provide participants with opportunities to practice assessment, case conceptualization and intervention skills.

Other Topics

  • Brief Intervention Core Competency Training
  • The Suicidal Patient
  • Patients that Challenge Us
  • Compassionate Care for Chronic Pain in Primary Care


web based training with mountainview consulting DandB
Mountainview Consulting, Inc., offers health systems unique opportunities to receive interactive webinars for their providers and staff in both individual and group formats. Web-based services involve use of multiple formats (e.g., seminars, role plays, Q & A’s, etc.). Topics are tailored to the needs of the client. Popular offerings include basic components for a 30-minute interview, behavioral health consultant competencies, and facing challenges in behavioral health integration (e.g., the prescription drug abuse epidemic). Mountainview also offers training in evidence-based interventions (e.g., ACT, motivational interviewing, CBT) for common conditions seen in primary care (e.g., chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety, depression, etc.).