#MCG’s Dr. Polaha in The Atlantic!

There’s an interesting article in the Atlantic about integrated behavioral health care!  Mountainview associate, Jodi Polaha, worked closely with the reporter on this. Yeah, Jodi! See article excerpt below & link to full article.

“Also stationed in the clinic’s busy atrium that day was Jodi Polaha, a fellow psychologist, ETSU professor, and evangelist for this kind of therapy,
which is called “integrated behavioral health care.” Along with providing therapy to patients, the clinic’s psychologists help train the clinic’s
medical residents to employ their therapy techniques, which emphasize finding solutions. Some of the most common issues that send people to their
primary-care doctors—like bellyaches and backaches—often don’t have clear physical causes. “It’s usually some lifestyle change that’s needed,” Polaha said. “That’s where we come in.”

Link to full article:


Also, Tina Runyan, a #pioneer in primary care behavioral health (#PCBH), delivered an invited address on June 13th at The Atlantic’s conference, Pulse: On the Front Lines of Healthcare. Watch a clip of an interview with Tina at: