Mike Maples MD

You can’t just go out and hire behavioral health consultants with skills in the delivery of integrated services in the primary care setting. They are few and far between. We are lucky to have a relationship with Mountainview Consulting to support us to identify candidates, provide an appropriate course of instruction, precept and mentor them in their new roles, evaluate their performance, and follow-up to reinforce and extend their training. They provided all of this and more for our implementation of IBH services in our pediatric clinic….a service that has become a real jewel.

It has been a great pleasure for us, our providers and our BHCs to work with Mountainview Consulting, and I recommend them highly!

– Mike Maples, MD
CEO Community Health of Central Washington

Dr. Russ Harris

I brought Kirk and Patti out for a five city tour of Australia to train therapists, counselors, social workers, doctors, and nurses in the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a Brief Intervention. Their training workshops were truly excellent – brief, practical, entertaining, and very powerful. Evaluation forms from the attendees revealed high levels of satisfaction and engagement, and a strong feeling that this training would be beneficial in their work. I highly recommend their training to any organization interested in this sort of work.

–Dr. Russ Harris
Director of ACT Mindfully: Training in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and author of the international best-seller, The Happiness Trap

I would like to provide a very positive testimonial about Dr. Robinson and Dr. Strosahl and their work with our team. Patti and Kirk were instrumental in helping our team create a Behavioural Health Consultation Service in Calgary, AB Canada. Not only do we use their integrated health model throughout our city (we still give each new BHC a copy of their original book) but they introduced us to others in the field (e.g., Dr. Chris Hunter) who has also been important in our program development. They provided on-site training and support with our initial model and provided mentorship and training in their own clinic as our clinical leaders were able to work aside them to learn the practical application of the model. Their seminal work was a core reason we have grown our program to work with hundreds of family physicians in almost every primary care clinic in the city.

We highly recommend them for consulting and core competency training for the installation and monitoring of Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) services in the medical home.

–Bob Acton, PhD, R Psych
Behavioural Health Consultation Service Co-Lead
Shared Mental Health Care, Alberta Health Services

Through the Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute Dr. Robinson developed and delivered weeklong training workshops on the Primary Care Behavioral Health model for more than 40 primary care practices in Oregon. After the training she worked with a handful of participating practices to deliver more in-depth training and coaching on-site. Dr. Robinson is a knowledgeable advocate for the PCBH model and how it complements the team-based care environment of the medical home. MVCG offered a robust package of helpful assessment, tracking and other implementation resources to training participants in a way that allowed them to be customized to a particular clinic’s context.

Organizations looking to better understand or implement the PCBH model would be well-served by the breadth and depth of MVCG’s experience.

–Kate Elliott, Program Manager
Patient-Centered Primary Care Institute,
Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation

In 2010, I had the pleasure to work with Mountain View Consulting through the City and County of San Francisco’s Controller’s Office, who hired them to implement the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model (PCBH) across Department of Public Health community primary care clinics. Mountain View conducted a needs assessment of all the primary care clinics to assess their readiness and implemented a training program to train primary care staff on how to implement this model across the system.

The training services that Patti and Kirk provided were top-notch. Patti has a very collaborative approach to training and incorporates hands-on learning and practice throughout. As seasoned psychologists, Patti and Kirk were able to share and integrate best practices from their clinical experience.

I would strongly recommend Mountainview Consulting services.

–Michelle Schurig
City and County of San Francisco

Having been first personally trained in behavioral health consultation skills and focused acceptance and commitment therapy by Patricia Robinson and Kirk Strosahl, I have since brought them to Finland to give lectures and workshops to Finnish health care professionals. Participants have praised Kirk and Patti’s skill of turning research-based knowledge into easily applicable clinical principles, thus helping therapists and counselors make their clinical encounters more time-efficient and compassionate. Trainees working with a wide variety of clinical populations reported being able to immediately start applying into practice what they had learned in the training. I warmly recommend Mountainview Consulting for clinicians wishing to learn methods suitable for time-limited treatments.

Organizations striving to integrate psychosocial care seamlessly into their primary care services will benefit greatly from Kirk and Patti’s extensive clinical experience, evidence-based approach, and highly practicable models of care.

–Juha Nieminen, PhD
University of Helsinki and Trainer and Therapist in Private Practice

Mountainview Consulting Group staff Patricia Robinson and Kirk Strosahl made excellent presentations at the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association’s Spring 2014 Primary Care conference. Dr. Robinson spoke about Behavioral Health Integration in the PCMH model in Community Health Centers and Kirk presented on the strategies he is using for patients dealing with chronic pain. We appreciate their years of experience and the models that they have pioneered and their willingness to share them with the CHC world.

–Eva McGinnis
Education and Training Program Manager
Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

Patricia Robinson and Kirk Strosahl have been providing training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Brief Interventions, Focused ACT and Treatment of Suicidal Clients. They have been in Sweden and Denmark several times at our request.We have been very happy with the training they have provided here. The participants have given us excellent feedback on these workshops. strongly recommend the training provided by Patricia Robinson and Kirk Strosahl.

–Rikke Kjelgaard
ACT Danmark / Human ACT Sweden