Don’t tape over your “check engine” light! Depression signals growth opportunities

Forget everything you thought you knew about depression.

Drs. Strosahl and Robinson’s recent book, The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Move Through Depression and Create a Life Worth Living, Second Edition, offers a different (inspiring) lens on how to view depression.

In a recent interview, Dr. Strosahl urges people to look at depression as emotional signals that we do NOT want to mask.  He likens it to a”check engine” light, “…when that light goes on, you don’t want to get out a piece of duct tape and put it over the light because you don’t like the implications…you take your car and have it checked…this book is having that check-up.”  Essentially, you want to “use the experience of being depressed as an opportunity of growth.”

Dr. Robinson adds that the first step regarding this “opportunity,” is having, “the courage to…slow down…and really explore what you are feeling.”  This workbook offers practical, tangible steps for working through depression symptoms and moving towards what is important (what we value as human beings).

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