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#MCG’s Dr. Polaha in The Atlantic!

There’s an interesting article in the Atlantic about integrated behavioral health care!  Mountainview associate, Jodi Polaha, worked closely with the reporter on this. Yeah, Jodi! See article excerpt below & link to full article. “Also stationed in the clinic’s busy atrium that day was Jodi Polaha, a fellow psychologist, ETSU professor, and evangelist for this kind […]

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2nd Edition of Hunter et al.’s “Purple Book” out this month!

  December 19, 2016 Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care Step-by-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention Second Edition Christopher L. Hunter, Jeffrey L. Goodie, Mark S. Oordt, and Anne C. Dobmeyer A large number of primary care visits in the United States are related to behavioral health needs, and many common medical problems seen in […]

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